The Master Jack Logo was an illustration I did while working at M&M Design back in the 90's.
The Catonga logo was done while working at M&M Design back in the 90's for a line of heave-duty cat furniture. The images of the product line was the cat furniture is a strong and tough Lion. The name Catonga is made up of "Cat" and and the "onga" to make a stong sounding Arican Lion name, with the tail on the end of the name and gradiant soft yellow to browns gives the logo a strong lion look the cliant was looking for.
When Akron Brass acquired Weldon Technologies, Inc. in 2005, the company wanted to blend the Weldon brand into Akron's main look. They wanted to Keep Akrons flaming "A" but just change the text below. But the name was done in vecter art as a totaly original vecter base letters consisting only of the letters AKRON. So using those letters I was able to make the remaining letters WELD to compleate the final typography of the name Weldon into the Akron brand logo look.
Branding tag line "Tested... Proven... Trusted." for accompanying the Akron Brass logo.
The graphic for the Akroview Logo is the top of the Akron logo's flaming "A" in orange and then fliped in black to give an interesting box or "N"  eliment to the final Logo.
This was a winning logo design from when I was attending AIP, and our class partisipated in a contest to design a graphic for The Grat Race held in Pittesburgh PA. The design was used in all there print and ads, as well as banners on every light post down town. To this day I wish I took more photos back then.
This logo was for a cord reel brochure, I wanted to show how strong the reels bere built.
Done for an Akron Brass employee Wellness Marathon T-shirt in 2014
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